Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Dogs

Snow in Texas?? I love it! The best part is shoving my brothers face in it.

I'm going to sit by the fire.

Moose Kisses

Monday, February 1, 2010

First of Feb - 2010

Wow, its already the second month of 2010. I guess its like the saying goes, time flies when your having fun.

The only real update I have is that my buddy, Dr. Jim, called my dad on Friday with the test results from tests they sent off. The good news is that the blood samples came back okay and the steroids to keep my allergies under control aren’t hurting me. It’s a real low dose, especially for a 132lb slobbering moose such as myself. The bad news is that the urine samples showed some bacteria. I have some sort of urinary track infection. Its not real bad, but may be why I’m so thirsty lately. Mom brought me home so medicine she calls horse pills. I’m not sure why the doc gave her horse pills for a moose? So now I get lots of peanut butter every morning and every night with my pills. I love peanut butter and start drooling as soon as the lid is opened. Anyway, I have to take my new meds for three weeks then go back see my friends at Dr. Jim’s place.

Until next time,

Big peanut butter kisses! - Dozer

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thirsty Thursday

Oh, excuse me. I’m a thirsty boy! You really have no idea how thirsty I am. See I have my own food and water bowls on a stand so I don’t have to bend down so far to eat or drink. I almost never drink from the bowls on the floor, that’s just for the other dogs. I’m a big Moose and I’m soo much better than that. But today I’m extra thirsty..

I just got back from seeing my buddy, Doctor Jim. I’ve been doing real well and not eating too much I shouldn’t so I haven’t had a good reason to go see him in quite a while. He looked me over and said I was looking good and lost some of my “fluff” he had noticed last time I was in. I’m down to a lean and mean 132lbs. He poked me with a big needle in my neck to get a blood sample but I didn’t really notice. Then he took me outside and tricked me into peeing into a tray. That was kinda weird, but mom thought it was funny. I have some bumps here and there and the doc took some samples and said it was no big deal. Overall the doc said I’m doing great. When I got home mom gave me lots of carrots for being good. The best part is my brother has to go back in a couple weeks to get his teeth cleaned and I don’t. I hope he comes back still woozy from the meds so I can pick on him. It will be lots of fun!

Until next time,

Moose kisses.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Moose Toys

Slowly but surely... Here is one of the new Moose toys of the new year.

This is a Nylabone, Big Chews - Beef Bone.

I wasnt a big fan of Nylabone, but I've got to say.. WOW! This is the first toy in a long time that has lasted more than a few minutes with our Moose. He's had for about a week now and it shows very little wear. He loves it! We only let him have it while we can supervise him and every time he sees it he starts hopping around like a rabbit and he wiggles his nub (tail) so much that his whole back end wiggles to the point it looks like he'll fall over.

We also tried a horse toy called a jolly ball on a recommendation. The ball itself is large enough that he cant chew it, but he started eating the handle off it within a few minutes. It was actually fun to watch because he would spit the pieces out. I let him continue this for a little bit just to get a few pictures of the little plastic bits scattered around him but then took it away. While this might be a good toy for some dogs, I would not recommend it for chewers such as our Moose.

Still on the hunt for more Moose friendly toys!

Until next time,

Moose kisses!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year

Hey, Its Dozer! November's nice weather spoiled me and now I'm growling at these low temps. We got a little snow for Christmas and I thought that was pretty cool but overall I'm not a big fan of cold weather. Dad's been lighting the fireplace for me and I've decided it much warmer to sleep between mom and dad at night so I've managed to keep myself warm one way or another.

I got a few new toys I want to tell you about, but I want some good pictures to share so I'll tell you about them later this week. I know, two posts in one month? Are you serious!??

Check back in a few days. Till then, here's a pic of my little/older sis keeping warm.

Moose kisses!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Winter? Whats that?

Hey yall,
Its mid November and the weather's great. I keep waiting for it to get cold so dad will light the fireplace. I love to lay in front of the fireplace, ya know. Since the weather is so nice and dad isnt using all that firewood I like to get logs off the woodpile and scatter them around the yard. Dad took the oppertunity this weekend to play some fetch and take a couple pictures.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Its my birthday!

Its my birthday, its my birthday!! Okay, well not yet, but almost! I still act like a puppy so its hard to imagine, that in a few days I’ll be two years old.

It’s rainy around here right now and I don’t like the rain. I think we’ve had more rain in the last month than we’ve had all year. The yard is normally flooded and my big feet soak up the mud and water like four giant sponges. That’s only after mom coaxes me out into the yard to take care of business. I’m normally good about getting my feet cleaned off after trudging through the mud, unless Hayden is close by and then I want to act like a fool.

I’m an extremist when it comes to the temperature. In the summer I want to lay in the sun for a little bit then go stick my head in front of the air conditioner. Now that its getting cooler I want dad to turn on the bathroom heater in the morning so I can lay in front of it. I don’t like sharing the heater either. I’m a big boy, I should get my own heater right? I hope it cools down even more real soon. I love to lay in front of the fireplace but dad says its not cold enough yet to light a fire. I cant wait!

Halloween is almost here. Dad keeps threatening to dress me up like one of the Chickfila cows. Someone please talk some sence into him. I’m not a cow, I’m a moose!

I’m going to go snuggle up with my mom. Until next time, big slobbery moose kisses!